This is a site where anyone can enjoy the beautiful fragrances of Scensy in their homes.  I have been a Scensy distributer for 2 years, won numerous awards and even had the distinct pleasure of meeting the founders of this wonderful company.

The point of this site is a place for you to book parties.  (Eventually) Review the catalogs, see upcoming products, watch videos of how to host your own party and start your home career.  I also have a page where you can provide your feedback to your favorite scents of the season.  Share your post with your friends on your favorite social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

If you have any requests or would like to be a distributer feel free to contact my registration manager, Buddy Ruff

email:  Buddyruff@comcast.net

I will also have various “workshop” videos of new scents and customers feedback on the new products that we have to offer.  I hope that Scentsy and I can help make your home smell beautiful.



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